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Mr. Muhammad is a serial entrepreneur, determined, creative and innovative.  As the President & CEO of dàvïse Entertainment Inc., his direction and vision continues to move us forward without boundaries.

President & CEO
Corporate Team

Ms. Williams has dedicated her career to creating self sustainable mindsets by inspiring small business owners to think bigger.  She has raised millions of dollars for several businesses as a professional business consultant for over 20 years.  Having founded over 5 success companies in the last 20 years, our Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer will continue to increase brand recognition and sustainability for the dàvïse brand.

Corporate Team

The Founder of Davise Entertainment, Inc. is the visionary of all the brand, his expertise, education and creativity is the epitome of the Corporate culture.  He knows talent when he sees it and as our Creative Director, he’s always on the lookout for the next hot item to join him in creating exceptional music.

Founder, Creative Director
Corporate Team
1 347-340-9816


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