dávïse is music.

received_10207434941583679An old soul who has genuinely loved music from the time he was 11 months old was born a musician.  A pure artist who has taught himself how to sing, play guitar, keyboards and piano all for fun… As a teenager dàvïse decided to learn how to read, write and speak Japanese just to watch Naruto when the new episodes would hit Youtube in Japanese before they were produced for American TV in English.  He Is An Original and a breath of fresh air.  Not bound by any particular genre, you may find dávïse singing everything from Sinatra to Ed Sheeran to Rick Ross.  His own music has developed from his love of life…  Having grown up in rural Newton, WI, San Diego, Las Vegas and New York City he’s had the opportunity to enjoy rural, city and suburban life giving him a rare diversity in cultural experiences and created someone you simply adore.  Complicated yet Simple.

If you like artists like Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Jason Mraz or Sam Smith then you will love dávïse.  A fresh new talent taking the world by storm with his unbound individuality.

To book dávïse please click here.  We currently have events scheduled for Weddings, Special Appearances, Opening and more for the entire 1st half of next year.  Call or schedule a booking now! Dates are going fast and special appearances are limited.

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